Toyota IQ In Pakistan

The Toyota iQ is a revolutionary vehicle that completes Toyota's urban range. The iQ offers us a new world, thanks to its original design, its features and its respect for the environment. It is a 'jewel' of Japanese engineering. The emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize own and others ' feelings, and the ability to handle them. Therefore, these two words are what best define the Toyota iQ. Because to carry out this project the people of Toyota have sought the balance between the needs and desires of the people, to make a vehicle as complete as possible and with an attractive design.

The new iQ represents the simplicity, daring, and vision of the future of Japanese design. The Japanese aesthetic is based on the search for contrasts within the design and the IQ is full of contrasts; It is simple and fascinating at the same time; small but with a great presence and it gives the perfect imbalance because in its architecture all the elements are perfectly integrated. The iQ is a fantastic example of what we call design with 'Factor J', which combines Japanese authenticity with technical ingenuity.

The main advantage offered by the Toyota iQ is fast and agile handling in urban environments as a result of its small size. The IQ is much more than the most sophisticated four-seater vehicle in the world. It exceeds similar vehicles in terms of driving performance, the IQ is fast, agile and exciting in the corners, while stable and safe on the highway at speeds of up to 170 km / h. To achieve this, six innovations have been necessary: 

- Differential mounted on the front to create more space and shorter overhangs. 

- Direction with central coupling for shorter overhangs.

- Flat fuel tank under the floor. 

- Design of stylized seats. 

- Heating/air conditioning unit in less space. 

- Asymmetrical dashboard/sliding seat configuration.

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