Let's be honest with cost of the most minimal level 1.3L RXI MT beginning at Rs.0.952million Liana is an affordable car. Even though the majority of us grew up or around Suzuki manufactured vehicles, yet when the Japanese carmakers (Honda, Toyota and Nissan) set up their car units, we have come to look downward on Suzuki vehicles with a high level of despise. Suzuki has never strived to relieve this impression however, presently with new enlistments and disposal of car brands, Suzuki has tried to up their game. Life In A New Age (or LIANA for short) is the most brief of all cars with a length of 4.35m and comes in three variations: The fundamental RXI, somewhat extravagant LXI and awesome EMINENT. 

Suzuki knowing their 'thrift conscious” customer base have plant fitted the RXI and LXI with CNG which are accessible as an alternative as well. With EMINENT Suzuki seems to be attempting to play catch up with the CITY. The glossy and metallic interior of Suzuki LIANA is complimented by the new chrome front flame broil and composite tire edges which are again a choice as it were. With new fog lights added to suit the necessities of up nation Pakistani customers and it also comes with another shimmering tail-light. 

The main component other than the production line fit 60L CNG barrel is the 50 litres Petrol tank. Here Suzuki has removed a leaf from the Mitsubishi Lancer's manual which has a similar alternative in all its new models.  This is everything to a Liana so whether or not you should purchase Suzuki Liana is dependent upon you and your pocket. You can sell or buy Suzuki LIANA on

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