Suzuki Bolan In Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Suzuki Bolan, the Pakistani version of the Maruti Omni, both derived from the Suzuki ST30-ST90, is produced for the local market. Although they are technically identical (3-cylinder F8A engine and 796 cc electronic injection with 4-speed transmission), it is aesthetically much less modern than the Indian version. 

The Suzuki Bolan is still amazingly manufactured as we know it, and it is still on sale in Pakistan. Are you looking for it? look no further as the quickly ads forum has got manifold ads of this family car. It has a great capacity in terms of its size and the fuel consumption rate. The novelty in this country is that 1-2 years ago it is being offered with the same F10A engine of 970 ccs, but modernized thanks to the addition of an electronic injection system instead of the monitored carburetor to comply with Euro II standards. Their versions are those of the pickup, the van, and the minibus.

its body is taller and more robust, its suspension and transmission were reinforced, as well as its direction. With drum brakes on all four wheels, its quality was superior to its predecessor. it was 26 cms. Longer, a prominent front to increase its passive safety, the front train goes in front of the driver, at the height of the feet, which modifies the appearance of the vehicle.

it is still seen in a habitual way, due to its simplicity, its height in relation to the floor, its low cost of spare parts, in addition to its availability, its load capacity, and practicality. It had a slight restyling in 1983 when the front is modified by a more rounded and with plastic ends, the "grill" in bright gray, its dashboard and steering wheel change design, and go to have a cream tonality, with the body that It also incorporates new colors, but without technical changes. Looking for it, log in to to view ads for Suzuki Bolan.

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