Pakistan is a blasting commercial center in step by step developing buyers. These buyers are constantly getting engaged through various media outlets and are currently in good shape to create educated purchasing inclinations. Everyone wishes to be different, to stand out and to have better things than others. What's more is that in today’s technological and digital era to have the right gadgets means a lot. If you have a thing for fancy cars then you are definitely one who wants to stand out from the crowd.  There are numerous sports cars in the world but unfortunately for a developing country like Pakistan, it is not an easy access. We don’t see sports cars on Pakistani roads usually, however, the trend is changing with time. More and more people who have quite some money saved up to spend are buying sports cars. Some of the considerably affordable sports cars that are available in Pakistan are as follows. 

1: Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z is a compact hybrid car produced by the manufacturer Honda. The sporty design of the car delivers an exciting and smooth driving experience. The fuel economy is anything but average i.e. 20-22 KMPL. Introduced in 2010, this car is priced at PKR 1,600,000 -1,800,000. 

2: Daihatsu Copen

This is the second generation Daihatsu Copen launched in 2014. This car comes with a 660cc turbocharged engine and variants Cero, X-Play and robe. The car has a drop down roof and a great engine along with the exceptionally designed exterior body. A Daihatsu Copen Robe is priced at PKR 1,700,000-1,800,000.

3: Mazda RX-8 

In the event that you are more off a traditionalist and jump at the chance to claim a back wheel drive then Mazda RX8 is a standout for you. This car is commonly known as the quad roadster and it can be purchased at PKR 2,200,000-2,400,000. 

5: Mercedes Benz CLK 

If you want a car which could be utilized efficiently to haul day by day assignments yet keeping up with your desire to own a sports car in Pakistan then Mercedes Benz CLK is your best pick. It is costly because it is a second Generation Mercedes CLK Class. The Mercedes CLK costs around PKR 3,200,000-3,500,000.

6: Mercedes Benz SLK 

This car has front engine wheel drive compact luxury roadster which is available in five models. It has a 7-speed auto transmission and a V6 engine. Mercedes SLK, the 2012 model costs at PKR 6,000,000-6,500,000.

There are plenty other sports cars in Pakistan and you can purchase them on If you already own a sports car and want to sell it then visit and post an ad for prospective buyers. Whether it is a sports car, heavy bike or new bikes in Pakistan, you can purchase or sell anything online on this platform. Once, you contact the buyer/seller, meet them in a safe place or you can also make online transactions and buy/sell the product.

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