Ruby Stone In Pakistan

Rubies are red precious stones that since the beginning has been part of the creation of high-jewelry pieces, which have been part of the collections of the most prestigious and internationally recognized brands.  This corundum, gemological brother of the sapphire, which oxidizes in red, is one of the most beautiful gems that we can find in nature.


Within the red gemstones, you can find a wide range, but the most popular are the so-called pigeon bloods. As you can imagine, the name comes from its beautiful deep red color. It is the best we can find in rubies and are commonly attributed to corundum from the Kashmir area and from Burma. Both the blood-colored stones and the rest of the ruby gemstones owe that reddish color to the iron and chromium metals with which it is associated.


It is the hardness of the gem, only surpassed by the diamond in the scale of hardness. It varies a lot in its reddish hue depending on its iron and chromium content, going from a pinkish to almost orangeish brown tone. The highest quality ruby, such as the one used for jewelry creations, are the best companions of the most select diamonds, creating a perfect and beautiful contrast between the intense red color of the first ones and the brightness and light of the seconds.

It is considered one of the four precious stones along with the diamond, the emerald, and the sapphire. Do not forget that the rest of gems like topaz, amethyst or aquamarine are considered semi-precious. This is however somewhat capricious and has to do with scarcity: the amethyst was considered precious stone until large deposits were discovered in Brazil. In antiquity it was believed - and today there are people who believe it - that owning a ruby gave you intelligence, fortune, strength and even passion and sexual vigor, especially if you were in contact with the skin.

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