A popular marketplace like Quicklyads.pk has thousands of buyers and sellers - so how can you make your ad stand out?

While the basic service of posting an ad remains free on Quicklyads.pk, we now offer extra paid options for our posters who want to stand out and reach more interested buyers quickly and easily.

Need to sell urgently?
Our promotions are an excellent way to get your items sold quickly!

To promote an ad, simply:

  • post an ad and click the "Promote your ad" button on the last page, or
  • go to an ad you have already posted and click the "Promote ad" option.
Get more views
Sell fast for a good price
Our promotions are designed to get more people to see your ad. So by promoting your ad, you save time and effort - and still get more replies to your ad.
More replies means more interested buyers. With lots of interested buyers, you have a better chance of selling for the price that you want.

Our Ad Promotions:

Top Ad for 7 days

At the top of every ad listing page, there are up to 2 spots reserved for Top Ads. By adding a Top Ad promotion to your ad, you earn the chance for your ad to be displayed in one of these Top Ad spots - which can get you up to 10 times or more views!

  • Top Ads stand out - they are bigger than regular ads, highlighted in yellow, and clearly marked as a "Top Ad".

  • Each Top Ad is given an equal chance of being shown in the Top Ad spots. This means thousands of extra appearances for each Top Ad on our most-viewed pages - every day, for 7 days.

  • In addition to joining the Top Ad list, your ad is also posted as a regular ad. So you can add a Daily Bump Up promotion to your regular ad too.

Daily Bump Up for 7 days

The Daily Bump Up promotion moves your ad to the top of the regular ad listings once a day for 7 days. It has the same effect as reposting your ad every day - but it's automatic and attracts 5 times or more views!

  • Ads with Daily Bump Up are given a fresh start once a day, to get your ad more views with no extra effort.

  • Ads move down the pages as usual until the next bump up, and this is repeated for 7 days.