Pakistan is a developing nation however, it is still pretty advance when it comes to housing and the standard of living. Pakistanis prefer to live grand and our houses usually echo that. You must have seen the expansive mansions in the posh areas of Lahore like DHA or vast bungalows on the foothills of Islamabad. The houses Pakistanis construct will surprised many overseas tourists who think of the country as a developing state.

Karachi is that city of Pakistan where apartments are a common mode of residence unlike other cities which mostly have proper houses. According to research almost 23.5 million people are currently residing in the city. Karachi is the largest city of the country and also the financial capital. Many people move to Karachi in the hopes of earning good income and struggling for a better future. House for sale in Karachi can be found in various areas of the metropolitan city however, most of the area is covered with apartment buildings. From normal middle class construction to high end luxury apartments in posh areas, Karachi has a variety of apartments in tall buildings.

According to different property portals and real estate agents, the cost of a 500yard house in Clifton area of Karachi is around PKR 68,000,000 where as in Lahore a 500yard house in Askari will only cost PKR 33,000,000. Hence, house for sale in Karachi in a relatively posh area will cost more. However, a 3 bedroom apartment in Karachi will cost PKR 1.3 crore while 2 bedroom apartment is for 63 lacks. As affordability is considered while purchasing a house for sale, hence, home buyers usually go for apartments in Karachi rather than buying a lavish luxury 2 Kanal Bungalow. In short, Karachi has everything for everyone. Whatever sort of house you wish to purchase, you will find it in Karachi.