The northern and northwestern parts of Pakistan are covered by the three world eminent mountain ranges called Hindu Kush, Himalaya and Karakorum. In these mountains have been discovered almost every one of the minerals Pakistan right now offers to the world market including sea green/blue topaz, peridot, ruby, emerald, amethyst, morganite, zoisite, spinel, sphene and tourmaline. 

Individuals living in and close to the slopes discovered these precious stones. In the mechanical minerals segment, obviously, the legislature claimed mining company is compelling and has been of great help to nearby financial specialists. Pakistan, through its one body, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, has dependably selected outside interest in mining valuable and semi-valuable stones in Pakistan. Be that as it may, the talk of the service is so insufficient and ineffectual that no compelling mining wander by any outside foundations or people has shown up. One critical reason is the notoriety for instability in the review/examination reports led by any government institution in Pakistan. 

Pakistan, in light of its potential in mineral riches, can turn into an incredible center of the gemstone business, on a scale practically identical to that of Brazil, if it takes a couple of fundamental and locally powerful advances that can improve the investigation of assets and development of business. The most popular gem stones found in Pakistan are emerald, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, moonstone and amethyst. The Government of Pakistan has set up gem distinguishing proof research facilities in significant urban communities of Pakistan to advance the gemstone exchange Pakistan. Since the beginning of Pakistan Gems and Jewelry Development Company, the gemstone exchange Pakistan has seen a noteworthy uplift. 

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