Daihatsu Hijet

The origin of Daihatsu dates back to the internal combustion engine factory Hatsudoki Seizo Co., founded in Osaka in 1907, which produced its first 3-wheeled vehicle in 1930 and in 1951, adopted the name Daihatsu Motor Co. The participation of Toyota data of 1967 and in 1999 he converted Daihatsu into his subsidiary. The most well-known models of Daihatsu outside their domestic market are Daihatsu hijet. Daihatsu Hijet is a minivan and van the Daihatsu sold mainly in Japan, which for its small size is often used to transport light loads in urban centers and as tractor replacement on farms due to the different implementation capacity and ease of transit for all types of terrain when equipped with 4-wheel drive.

The Japanese company Daihatsu began designing combustion engines in series in 1907. Then, with technological advances, they manage to produce a gasoline engine of 550 cubic centimeters. For 1960, the Daihatsu Hijet cargo is born, which is a boxcar truck with its hybrid version, the Hijet truck. This small cargo truck has a 660 cubic centimeter SOCH engine. It is manufactured with two and four-wheel drive. It comes coupled to a manual box of four speeds and as for its space it is designed for load and can take in its interior up to four people. The Hybrid version of the Daihatsu Hijet includes a 1.3-liter engine.

Because their engines are small in comparison to other cars, these vehicles have the ability to save gas to the fullest by traveling more than 70 kilometers to just one gallon. The Daihatsu Hijet is of great help to the trade because they are low consumption and because their maintenance is extremely economical. They are an excellent solution when transporting things within the city. Get this marvelous car from quicklyads.pk through many ads that we have!

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