Suzuki Alto – Timeline of One of the Most Popular Cars in Pakistan 

If you spent your youth in Pakistan, at that point chances are your first family car was a Suzuki Alto. Also, if that isn't the situation, at the end of the day one of your companions may happen to possess one. Suzuki Alto dependably appreciated a sound piece of the pie in creating nations for the most part because of its prudent cost and mileage. So today we will briefly talk about every one of the generations of Suzuki Alto up to this point. 

Original Suzuki Alto (1979– 1984): 

The original Suzuki Alto extremely characterized and lifted the Kei-car fragment. As cars weren't so innovatively/mechanically progressed in those days, so there was no ABS or power controlling. It has a 4-speed manual and is called Suzuki FX or 800 in Pakistan. 

Second Generation Suzuki Alto (1984– 1988): 

Five years after the first Alto, Suzuki chose to give it a successor. This time around Suzuki rolled out several improvements by evacuating the base 539cc T5B motor and presented three new transmissions: 

4/5 Speed Manual 

2 Speed Automatic 

3 Speed Automatic 

Third Generation Suzuki Alto (1988– 1994): 

Suzuki indeed chose to roll out two or three improvements and be significantly more new. The most extensive contrast was the design. The outline was very rakish after while being taller as well. Suzuki additionally presented a four-entryway adaptation which had a sliding way to one side. Third Gen Alto accompanied a 660cc motor which will remain the standard for a considerable length of time to come. 

Fourth and Fifth Generation Suzuki Alto (1998– 2004): 

The fourth Gen Alto turned out for a concise period and was soon updated to the fifth Gen. This time Suzuki presented the CVT transmission alongside the programmed and manual transmission alternatives. It accompanied 


Power Steering 


Audio System 

Suzuki Pakistan additionally began the creation of this generation in 2000 the distance until 2012 when because of some specialized reasons the organization needed to stop the creation. 

6th Generation Suzuki Alto (2004– 2009): 

Suzuki added a great deal of gear to this car such UV glass board, raise camera, infotainment framework alongside the standard hardware. Huge numbers of these units were foreign made to Pakistan, and you can get yourself one with an extremely sensible cost even today. 

Seventh Generation Suzuki Alto (2009– 2014): 

Because of the feedback past generation got the seventh Gen Alto was a great deal better as far as outside plan. This generation was curvier and current looking and had every one of the courtesies exhibit in the past model. It was likewise transported in extensive numbers in Pakistan with costs going from 9-12 needs. 

Eighth Generation Suzuki Alto (2014– present): 

Lastly, the eighth and the present Gen Alto made its official introduction in 2014. The car has a retro-styled outline – a return to the main gen Alto (Suzuki 800). The outline watches something out of a computer game however it's a blended conclusion whether you will like it or not. Also, it's amazing how much hardware and highlights Suzuki figured out how to put in this car.

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