Honda CG 125 

Buy online the exclusive Honda CG 125 through our website quickly We ensure you with the timely delivery of the Honda Cg 125 bike. The Honda 12 bike have been on tremendous demand by the potential customer due to its following unique product features including the Engine of 4-Stroke OHV that has additional quality to be cooled by air, the Bore & Stroke ranging 56.5 x 49.5 mm and the Wheel Base of 1201 mm for Starting Kick start capacity. Moreover, the Honda CG 125 has speed capacity of 4 speed mesh Continuous transmission and the further given Dimension of the 1911 x 732 x 1016 mm. The feature of Tire at Front Range up to 2.50 - 18 4 PR and the Tire at Back range up to 3.00 - 17 6 PR. The maximum Height of the Seat 771 mm including the Ground Clearance of 140 mm. Honda cg 125 bike model consists of the enlarged petrol holding capacity of 9.2 liters petrol at one go.

The original model of Honda cg 125 bike is a considered as commuter motorbike that was originally made by Japan. The still in production model of Honda CG 125 by the Atlas Honda in Pakistan cone up with the last improvements in the models including 5 speed gearbox, front disc brake and the wide rear wheel. Due to its excessive unique design success, Honda CG 125 have come up with the several diverse copies including the Sym golf classic, Kymco Pulsar 125, Hongdou CG 125, Champ commuter  and the warrior dispatch. While Honda CG 125 has always been up to the expectations of the user’s city travels. The latest model of Honda CG 125 bike offers a same price range of Rs. 106, 500 same as in 2016. The bike provides a facility of high economical ride with the efficient control by the rider. You can find the used models of the Honda 125 model all on our website quickly after registration process which is free of cost. 

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