Durable Medical Equipment in Pakistan

There is a high demand for medical services and healthcare services in Pakistan.  The private healthcare market is growing at a fast pace these days. When people are recovering from some illness or operation, they need extra help. They may need an oxygen tank to have a comfortable breathing, a wheelchair to easily get around, or some proper kit to manage diabetes. All of this equipment is known as durable medical equipment. 

Yes, DME consist of but are not limited to wheelchairs, hospital beds, ventilators, oxygen tank, canes, walker, kidney machines, crutches, blankets, lights, monitors, blood pressure meter, and traction equipment. In Pakistan, most durable medical equipment is bought from small independent medical supply business. This gives a high chance to small medical businesses to make their mark in the pharmaceutical industry. The government of Pakistan truly needs to expand the healthcare network by buying more medical equipment in order to meet the needs of a high number of hospitals, dispensaries, and healthcare units. 

The companies of Pakistan that supply durable medical equipment has tough competitors that include high-level manufactures from Japan, Europe, China, Jordan and many other developed countries. As most of the population of Pakistan suffers poverty, so it seeks low cost and affordable equipment that put international companies at a disadvantage. Many inconsistent market factors, rules, policies, and market challenges also play a vital role in this.

The healthcare sector of Pakistan is in its initial stages for now. People facing severe troubles while searching for best services due to poorly organized systems, lack of training to use medical equipment properly, sub-standard health manpower levels, underutilization of certain major health facilities, and centralized healthcare services. Many private organizations are coming forward to play their role in having a highly advanced healthcare services to ensure maximum healing and recovery.

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