Digital Quran Read Pen

  Lahore , 2 months ago , - Multimedia

4,000 ₨


DVD in excellent condition

  Lahore , 4 months ago , - Multimedia

2,500 ₨


GTA V cd for PS 4 Pro

  Rawalpindi , 6 months ago , - Multimedia

4,000 ₨

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CD/DVD - Books - Movies In Pakistan : CD/DVD were used in the past as a way to watch movies and other documentaries through a hardware device. CD/DVD were used very frequently though they are hardly in use now. CD/DVD were a great way to capture memories and keep them stored with us and watch them whenever we feel like it. A book is a series of pages arranged for easy portability and reading, which use to be a center of interest in the old times but its not completely neglected in the current era as well. Books are not just a source of information but its also a good alternate to use in leisure. Books are being both read and written in this era and the youth are taking keen interest in keeping the spirit of reading books alive. Movies are used as a source of entertainment but little do we know that movies can be used for more than just a time pass. Various important issues can be discussed in the movies so that while enjoying the it, the audience can take a good lesson from it which might reshape their lives. Movies are made on several historical and spiritual concepts and myths and keeps the culture of their respective countries alive.

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